Building Staffs

Building Staffs

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is located at 36/D/5C Topsia Road Behind TMC Bhawan EM Bypass, This location affords us a very visible corner.

Regular hours of operation are: Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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+91 9674566680

Building Staffs

We are a fully accredited and licensed building construction company that has been in
business for quite some time. Right from the embryonic stages of our business, it has been a
prowess to have delivered top-notch services that have been liked by all and sundry.
The motivation from our clients has allowed us to build robust structures all across the city.
Our task has received accolades from several corners of the city and we are proud of our
accomplishments. We hope to continue with the same services in the days to come and make our good wishers and clients happy.

We have a long and proud history givin emphasis to environment social and economic outcomes to deliver the places that respond too the complex global forces shaping our future including the rapid urbanisation, climate and change, inequality and resource stress.

Project Management:

Our team is active and agile. They have the tenacity and courage to take up stiff challenges and complete each assignment within the stipulated time frame.


Apart from managing the entire workload we have efficient strategist, who would
help you out to gain maximum returns on investment. They play a crucial role in making your dream take shape of reality.

The Benefits

As per the advantages are concerned you will gain maximum with us. With us, you will not have to pay any extra charges as there is no hidden fee. The entire deal would be
transparent and seamless.


We understands the need for making our earth a better place to live in and thereby we adopt all sustainable measures of implementing our task.

Project on time

We understand value for time and we are ready to deliver project right on the given slots.

Modern Tech

With the turn of the century, there have been quite a few innovative measures that have been adopted by builders. We are no exception and we have welcomed this technological move with both hands. We use the latest technologies and tools for fast movement.

Latest Design

We study and research the latest designs and developments that are going around. At the same time, we try and understand the taste and preferences of our clients and deliver accordingly.