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is located at 36/D/5C Topsia Road Behind TMC Bhawan EM Bypass, This location affords us a very visible corner.

Regular hours of operation are: Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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+91 9674566680

Material Supply

We being in the construction for quite a long period is aware of how to transfer material from one location to another. We have the corrective types of equipment and technological
progression that is ideal to transfer goods from one place to another.
We have a reputation of being good builders and we hope to continue our legacy in the days
to come. 

The honchos of our firm have done whatever they could to bring halcyon days and it is your turn to come up and reap the benefits from us.

Project Management:

We have a team of competent professionals that have made quite an
impact of positivity over our customers. Their skills are exemplary and noteworthy.


If you need any solution or have any query regarding our task, you can contact us
directly. We are ready to help you out as and when is required.

The Benefits

Since our services are being catered at an affordable cost it is you who are going
the reap the maximum advantages from us.


We understand the latest development and issues on an ecosystem that is going around and thereby we have adopted sustainable measures.

Project on time

We make all the task are done and delivered right on time without any delay. This is one of our paramount tasks.

Modern Tech

We make use of modern technologies and types of equipment that are ideal to make the task seamless. It also helps us to complete the task on time.

Latest Design

You can check out our latest designs and development and get an idea about what you want and how you want it.